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Our Products

Our Products

TrackMate Plus Domestic & International Courier Software Application

ITD Services Pvt. Ltd Courier Management System incorporates all phases of your business, including on-demand, routed and scheduled work, distribution and cross docking operations, billing,warehousing . Our Courier Management System automates the flow of valuable, customizable and time sensitive information ensuring accuracy, accountability, and greater profits. This high-end system, built with the most effective technologies, assists in domestic as well as international operations.

ERP Software
For Logistics

ITD web based logistics system is the next generation ERP system for logistics industry. Our goal is to help your logistics management team to improve their warehouse, inventory and purchasing management at the lowest possible cost. Our logistics system solution allows your business to handle the unique demands of a nationwide delivery management process ITD logistics management systems can be applied to improving the efficiency of your rail, shipping and air-cargo planning.

Air Cargo

Air Cargo Coloader Software as a web based complete covers all facilities, functions, activities, associated with flow and transformation of goods and services from raw materials to customer, as well as the associated information flows from the freight forwarder perspective. Logistics companies looking for efficient software that help them in integrating their group of processes towards complete supply chain solutions find Air Cargo Coloader Software solutions.

Online Platform for Truck Aggregator

ITD provides you a web and mobile app truck booking platform. Our Online truck booking platform helps you to connect with thousands of users. ITD helps you to build your own truck booking platform. Providing a truck aggregator platform to various shipment booking agencies and helping them complete hyperlocal deliveries for their customers


Application delivery refers to the pool of services that combine to provide application functionality, usually web-based software applications, from the data centers or cloud environments where the required data processing and computing is executed to the application clients or end-users over the internet.

Online Platform for Courier Booking

Our end-to-end courier software provides all the required technology components for couriers, customers . Fast, secure and highly customisable. Let your customers book pick-ups and deliveries in seconds, with automatic status notifications and live-tracking. Your mobile and web booking apps can be customised to your services

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